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Blackjack is one of the easiest casino games to play. However, it is also one of the hardest when it comes using advanced strategies. You need time and effort to learn these strategies, especially to apply them correctly.

Certain strategies such as card counting require special memory techniques, and even experienced players do make mistakes when playing. This is the reason we have created ABCCounter software.

With ABCCounter software, you can achieve anything you want with regard to blackjack.

The software is designed to help ordinary blackjack players like you apply these strategies quickly and easily. The program can also help you learn blackjack strategies using manual mode if you want to play at traditional casinos.

Our Software Plays Better for You

The main objectives of the software are as follow:

  • Allows you to play online blackjack in automatic playing mode. ABCCounter software can play at an online casino without your involvement. It opens the door to many effective strategies that are too time-consuming to use.
  • Frees up your valuable time. You can complete a manual blackjack game requiring 30 minutes in as little as 5 minutes.
  • Requires minimal computer expertise and minimal knowledge of blackjack. Novice blackjack players love the fact that it’s so easy to set up and use. No previous gambling experience is required to play. You can install ABCCounter software with only a few clicks and be up and running in a matter of minutes. That’s why we include a beginner wizard mode for inexperienced players.
  • Plays at multiple tables at the same time, independently of one another. This means different strategies can be used for different tables. This is useful because you may not know which strategy performs better at different casinos.
  • Offers the possibility to test your own strategies programmed with a scripting language. This enables you to easily share strategies with friends and family members.

You can spend months learning different strategies and applying them manually or let our software play in automatic mode for you right now.

You can’t fail because you will save a lot of your time. Results you would normally require months to achieve manually can now be achieved in mere days.

Our Software Makes Learning Strategies Easier

In addition to letting our software play for you, you can easier learn different strategies with it.

ABCCounter software program allows you

  • To play by yourself in manual mode and ensure you are following the strategies correctly.
  • To easier learn the advanced methods of beating blackjack. It also helps you improve them. You can create your own strategy and test it with our software, and then apply it risk-free at land-based casinos.
  • To try your own strategies at multiple tables at the same time. This way you can test which one performs better. Just select your best strategy and start winning at traditional casinos.

You can’t fail because you get to test every strategy in play money mode before risking any actual money at a land-based casino.

Risk-Free Simulation for Testing Betting Systems

As you probably know, money management should be your priority if you want to enjoy long-term winnings. An important part of this process is the betting systems.

We have implemented a way to achieve this goal without risking a lot of your hard-earned money. We call it simulation mode. In this mode

  • The software will always bet the minimum while using your chosen betting system.
  • You can see the results at the end of the test and compare them to the ones you had in play mode. Many people claim that the real money mode at online casinos is different from virtual money mode.
  • You can find which betting system performs better in real money mode with minimum risk. Without using our software, some betting systems can cost you a lot for just a few tests.

You can’t fail if you use simulation mode for real money mode. This minimizes your risk and shows you which strategies perform better in real money mode.

Our Software Can Be Used Worldwide Even by US Players

Many online casinos don’t accept American players because of restrictions within the country. That’s why we have adapted our software to the RTG gaming software whose casinos accept US players. More than 25 online casinos currently use RTG software.

Players from other countries who have the same problem at certain casinos don’t need to worry. Our software supports more than 55 online casinos. Therefore, you can always find a casino that will allow you to play.

That’s why we claim our software can be used worldwide.

ABCCounter Counts the Cards for You While Playing Live Dealer Blackjack

Live Dealer Blackjack game was added at online casinos a few years ago. It made practical the use of card counting. But, the problem is that the slow speed of playing, large number of players and 8-deck shoe make it a time waster for professional card counters.

However, that is no longer the case because

  • Our software applies card counting strategies while playing Live Dealer Blackjack game. This means you can use these strategies without having to learn them.
  • ABCCounter software does all of the hard work for you. It can play using high-level card counting systems that require a lot of mental calculations for players who apply them manually. Thus, you will swing the house edge in your favor.
  • You can let the software play for you for hours. You won’t waste any of your time with automatic mode.
  • You can even play at more tables at the same time while using the computer for other purposes.
  • You can choose your spread and set your preferred risk level. Even with a low edge, you still have an advantage over the casino.

You can’t fail when you use strategies such as card counting that have been mathematically proven to increase your odds.

Learning Card Counting Becomes Easier

If you want to learn card counting for applying it at land-based casinos, our software can help. The perfect place to learn is at a Live Dealer Blackjack game where the cards are dealt from a real shoe.

Here is why learning card counting is easier with ABCCounter:

  • You get used to counting cards, because the cards are dealt slowly in Live Dealer Blackjack. While counting you can compare your current count with the software’s count. This helps you improve your card counting skills.
  • You can choose an available card counting strategy or create your own. Just think about the decision you want to make during each round and check with the software's one. This allows you to see if you made the right decision or not.
  • When card counting on your own, you don’t know if your count is correct at any certain moment. Using ABCCounter, you always have a reference point. The software constantly gives you the correct count and decision, so you can learn even faster.

You can’t fail if you have ABCCounter’s guidance to learn card counting strategies.

Using ABCCounter You Can Win at Casinos

Using ABCCounter makes it easier to win at casinos. Our software gives you many different ways of doing this, like

  • Simultaneously playing different strategies with minimum bets at many tables.
  • An important factor of money management is limiting your daily winnings. Our software helps you reach that limit simultaneously at many online casinos. It spends the same time as you would need to play at one casino. ABCCounter can do this because it plays at many online casinos at the same time.
  • Do you already have a winning strategy that is difficult to use, requires a lot of time, or win a low amount per hour? If so, ABCCounter is your solution. You can use your computer for other tasks while the software plays for you for hours.
  • ABCCounter plays Live Dealer Blackjack using card counting in automatic mode. This strategy can change the house edge in your favor to approximately 1% and guarantees you long-term winnings.

To prove that winning at casinos is real when using ABCCounter, we have included videos which reveal specific features of the software in real money mode.

You will win at the casinos using ABCCounter software.

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